Australian Savings & Deposits Conference

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RFi presents:
The Australian 
Savings & 
Deposits Conference 


    Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities


    RFi’s Annual Savings and Deposits conference brings together senior banking executives from across retail transactional banking and deposits. This area of banking is arguably the most important as it is responsible for ensuring sufficient liquidity to survive external stress and responsible for growth by winning main bank customers; deposits sit at the centre of bank profitability and sustainability.

    Sponsors can benefit from active participation in the event alongside the senior, global and local banking speakers and a highly engaged, established network of bank decision-makers. An integrated industry marketing and PR campaign also supports the event with options for sponsors to have significant pre-event exposure and extend their presence into digital media channels in the weeks and months after the event.

    The content of this event covers some of the most active ground for bank transformation and strategic initiatives with cross-sell and customer experience as key agenda topics. If your organisation has solutions that improve banks identification of cross-sell opportunities, technologies that allow for seamless customer experience across channel or expertise that supports improved customer retention and acquisition you are well-aligned with this audience and event.
    Please contact Yas Jones +61 2 9146 5974 for a discussion of your objectives and how sponsoring this event can help you reach them.

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